In this online conversation hour, Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore delves into the complex world of kids and friendships, covering a wide range of topics from how to deepen casual friendships to recognizing when others feel left out. Dr. Eileen also explores the delicate balance between meanness and bullying, and provides you with practical tips on how to handle teasing that goes too far.

What You'll Learn

Dr. Eileen also gives expert advice on:

  • how kids really make friends

  • strategies for helping your child stand up for themselves in a group

  • handling situations where you don't like your child's group of friends

  • the opportunities and challenges of friendship with friends of friends

  • the impact of social media on kids' friendships

  • the heartbreak of losing a best friend who moves away

  • and so much more.

Don't Miss Out

A unique opportunity to learn from the Children's Friendship and Feelings expert!

Access an informative and insightful webinar, broken down into manageable sections with your busy schedule in mind, where you'll gain valuable insights and practical advice to help your child navigate the complex world of friendships.


Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD

I'm an author, clinical psychologist, and mom of four, based in Princeton, NJ (lic. #35SI00425400). I write about parenting, mental health, and children's feelings and friendships. My recent books include: Moody Moody Cars (for ages 4-8), Growing Friendships (for ages 6-12), and Kid Confidence (for parents). I also host a podcast for children, called Kids Ask Dr. Friendtastic. Learn more: * Main website: * Podcast and website for kids: * Newsletter for parents: