What You'll Learn

This course is filled with practical ideas you can use right away.

  • What to do when your child has an emotional melt-down

  • Ways to keep your cool when your child is losing it

  • Three unhelpful views about deeply-feeling kids (and what to know, instead)

  • The key response from parents that helps children understand and manage their feelings

  • Specific ways to help kids who are upset about a conflict with a friend

  • What you can do to make transitions easier for your child

  • How to support kids who say they’re not good enough

  • How to help your child build positive feelings

Caring and realistic parenting tips you can use right away.


Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD

I'm an author, clinical psychologist, and mom of four, based in Princeton, NJ (lic. #35SI00425400). I write about parenting, mental health, and children's feeling, friendships. My recent books include: Moody Moody Cars (for ages 4-8), Growing Friendships (for ages 6-12), and Kid Confidence (for parents). Learn more at EileenKennedyMoor.com, DrFriendtastic.com, and OpenDoorForParents.com.

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Obviously, Open Door for Parents is NOT psychotherapy. It's for educational purposes only about important topics facing families. The ideas mentioned by me or other community members may or may not be relevant for your particular situation.

I trust you to use your judgement about what makes sense for your child and your family and to consult your physician or a mental health provider, if needed, about very serious or complicated situations.

What parents are saying about this webinar

“We have found Dr. Kennedy-Moore's fantastic resources and webinars to be invaluable in helping us navigate our child's challenges, as well as our own reactions and expectations. No one taught us "how to parent," and when we listen to Dr. Kennedy-Moore's reflections, we often find ways to be more in tune with our child's developmental stage and perspectives. We have had tremendous success with employing her methods and suggestions and look forward to continuing to learn from her.”

T.M., mom of 4-year old