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“Comprehensive and yet easy to understand. Dr. Eileen made sure the information she was presenting connected with all parents of children of all ages. ”

Tara H., mom of 2-, 4-, & 7-year olds

“Dr. Eileen made me feel more prepared for difficult conversations with my children by giving me the necessary tools and insights on what works best for children based on her experience within her practice, with her own children, and based on research she shared. Highly recommend! ”

Katie C., mom of 8- & 11-year olds


Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD

I'm an author, clinical psychologist, and mom of four, based in Princeton, NJ (lic. #35SI00425400). I write about parenting, mental health, and children's feelings and friendships. My recent books include: Moody Moody Cars (for ages 4-8), Growing Friendships (for ages 6-12), and Kid Confidence (for parents). I also host a podcast for children, called Kids Ask Dr. Friendtastic. Learn more: * Main website: * Podcast and website for kids: * Newsletter for parents:

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Obviously, Open Door for Parents is NOT psychotherapy. It's for educational purposes only about important topics facing families. The ideas mentioned by me or other community members may or may not be relevant for your particular situation.

I trust you to use your judgement about what makes sense for your child and your family and to consult your physician or a mental health provider, if needed, about very serious or complicated situations.